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Program Samples

The sample contents for each grade are given below. Academic Smarties’s objective is very simple. Not to use so called "brute force" methods and not to over burden students with lots of worksheets to understand each mathematical concept. Our method of teaching involves, explain concepts on white board and interact with the students to make sure same understanding. children.For any children, the best way to remember the concept is, we do explain clearly on white board and discuss concepts interactively with the student. We give homework with different critical thinking examples to make it perfect. Academic Smarties lays solid foundation by start teaching children with the fundamentals, which helps the children in their academics, competitive exams, and higher studies.

Elementary School Mathmatics

Grade 1

  1. Identify and recognize patterns.
  2. Identify and learn about Numbers.
  3. Simple additions with missing numbers.
  4. Simple subtractions with missing numbers.
  5. Learn about calendar. Identify Odd or Even?
  6. Compare the numbers

Grade 2

  1. Skip counting forward and backwards
  2. Learn more about Patterns
  3. Place Value, Number Line, and Compare whole numbers
  4. Estimation
  5. Adding two numbers with grouping
  6. VI. One-digit subtraction
  7. Simple Multiplication of 1-digit numbers
  8. Learn, interpret data (Pictorial and Bar Graphs)

Grade 3

  1. Patterns with shapes and pictures
  2. Identify Place Value and give the value for a digit in a number
  3. Write numbers in Standard and Expanded Form
  4. More examples on Pictorial/Bar/Table Graphs
  5. Multiplication of 2 by 2 digits
  6. Divide 2-digit numbers by 1-digit number
  7. Relation between Fractions and Decimals
  8. Learn about Lines, Rays, Segments, angles, pentagons, triangles, quadrilaterals and parallelograms
  9. Learn about Gallons, Quarts, Pints, Cups, Weight and Temperatures

Grade 4

  1. Function tables and find the unknown number
  2. Number and Symbol patterns with algebraic expression
  3. Identify Place Value for numbers up to 1,000,000
  4. Add and Subtract 4-digit numbers
  5. Multiplication of 3 digits by 3 digits
  6. Find the Quotient, Reminders for Divisions
  7. Add, Subtract Fractions with LIKE denominators
  8. Subtract, Fractions with UNLIKE denominators
  9. Compare Fractions
  10. Add, Subtract, and Compare Decimals
  11. Find out and name the polygons and quadrilaterals
  12. Estimate, measure, read, and record in standard units of length, weight, capacity, and temperature
  13. Introduction to Ratios

Grade 5

  1. Algebraic expressions with one unknown. Using substitution methods.
  2. Solve for the unknowns in an equality and inequality equations
  3. Analyze and make predictions – Single and Double line graphs
  4. Find Equivalent Fractions
  5. Calculate the sales, commission and tax based on known amount
  6. VI. Solve the equations – Proportions, Ratio and Percentage
  7. VII., Subtract and Compare Fractions and Decimals
  8. VIII. Find the probability – Possible outcomes
  9. IX. Classify angles, acute, right, obtuse, translations, reflections
  10. X. Relationship between plane geometric figures and solid figures
  11. XI. Concepts of GCF, LCM, Mixed Numbers, Proper and Improper Fractions

Middle School Mathmatics

Grade 6

  1. Order of operations to evaluate numeric expressions
  2. Find the unknown in an equation (one unknown, one operation) with whole numbers
  3. Find out the characteristics of numbers divisible by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 9
  4. Problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  5. Analyze and make predictions based on stem and leaf plots and circle graphs
  6. Analyze and determine equivalent fractions
  7. Multiplication - Mixed number by a whole number and a fraction
  8. Divide and multiply a decimal through thousandths by 10
  9. Solve the probability of an event with equally likely outcomes
  10. Classify triangular or rectangular pyramids

Grade 7

  1. Rational numbers and place value
  2. Analyze number relations and compute
  3. Write and evaluate expressions
  4. Identify, write, solve, and apply equations and inequalities
  5. Analyze linear relationships
  6. Analyze the properties of plane geometric figures
  7. Organize and display data
  8. Probability
  9. Geometry
  10. Pre-Algebra and Introduction to Algebra

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