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About Academic Services

Q. How the teaching is very different from other institutions?

A. Academic Smarties stick to the basics and follow the structured teaching schedule. We try to minimize the repetitions of worksheets once the student is thorough with the concepts.

Q. Can you describe the teaching techniques that you follow?

A. Explain concepts on board, Practice worksheets in class, Interact with the children and brainstorm lessons, and Homework

Q. What is the objective?

A. To help children and lay good foundation, especially in Mathematics, Reading and Science and take away the pressure and stress from parents.

Q. How much do you charge for each subject?

A. Academic Smarties charge $120 per month for each subject.

Q. Do you give worksheets that contain same old problems over and over, even my child is good at grade level?

A. Absolutely not. For smarter kids, we try to teach advance level or above grade level curriculum.

Q. Where is the physical location of your learning center?

A. Right at the cross section of Rt-95 and Rt-175 (Opposite to the new COSTCO).

Q. What are the hours that you open the learning center?

A. Weekdays from 4 P.M till 8 P.M and Saturday from 9 A.M till 12 P.M.

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